Main Photographer

A lot like many of you, I find it very true to surround yourself with the people and things that really matter to you. I have a strong connection and relationship with my friends and family, so home visits, cafes and dining out are irreplaceable. I also believe in a healthy and “don’t forget to reward yourself” lifestyle, so fitness and days off are made for each other. My partner is my best friend and sharing our experiences, stories and also being able to work together as photographers is very important to me.

Have you ever been with a friend in a car and suddenly says “Wow, did you see that?!”, and then goes on to describe what you just missed, but you wish you had seen it yourself? That’s one of the reasons I love photography. It lets me freeze all those beautiful moments that speed by so fast and bottle-up those emotions that can only be described and experienced in our own unique ways.

In a wedding, there’s so much happening at the same time and much to look forward to. It is your special day and you want everything to be perfect. So I totally get it when a client wants to be able to take their time to treasure every single moment and detail from looking at their wedding album. And I especially get it when you want to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

So get in touch. We’ll plan your session, we’ll have a great time, and you’ll love your pictures!

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